Cometa IoT Platform

Build extraordinary IoT devices

Cometa powers your IoT back-end with a middleware designed for real-time communication and security. Focus on creating extraordinary IoT user experience. We'll take care of the back-end.

COmeta IoT Platform

Let Us Care of Your IoT Infrastructure

Accelerate development & shorten time to market

Out of the box IoT middleware for developers, manufacturers, and startups. Applications include network gateways, energy management devices, home automation, robots, smart buildings, lab and industrial equipment.

We take care of your IoT infrastructure

Massive Scalability & Real-time Response

Connect 1,000,000 IoT with milliseconds latency

Use the WebSocket protocol to Cometa IoT endpoints or the HTTP REST API to access one million devices with one server with milliseconds response.

Connect 1,000,000 IoT with milliseconds latency

Cometa IoT Cloud Platform

Accessing a device behind a firewall, home router or a corporate VPN requires communication mediated by an edge server in the cloud. Available options include HTTP polling, XMPP and SSH tunneling. While they are all viable alternatives, their limitations become apparent when trying to securely connect a large number of devices, and for devices that require full-duplex, bounded latency and realtime communication. More importantly, they all require specific expertise, resources and time.

Cometa is a message bus that has been designed from the ground up for realtime device connectivity, with low protocol overhead and milliseconds latency, regardless of the number of devices connected at a given time. It fits devices with WiFi and IP connectivity, and it requires a small footprint software adapter in the device. Cometa provides both a REST HTTPS API and WebSocket protocol used in a mobile or Web application for direct 2-way communication with remote devices.



  • Real-time and secure 2-way communication
  • Massive scalability (106 devices)
  • HPPT REST API for IoT communication
  • Websockets IoT endpoints
  • TLS/SSL 3.0 secure transport protocol


  • Libraries in C/C++ for Embedded Linux, Raspberry PI, Generic RTOS, Broadcom WICED modules
  • A TCP/IP stack to establish a permanent connection with Cometa and a tasking system are the only device requirements


  • Build application using the HTTP(S) API and RFC 6455 WebSocket protocol
  • Web Applications in Javascript, Ruby, Python
  • Mobile Applications in iOS, Android native

About Us

We helps developers and companies to Internet enable their products

Visible Energy, Inc
We are AllSeen Alliance Member

Visible Energy, Inc. is a boutique consulting and IoT cloud software firm based in Palo Alto.

We help companies to Internet connect their products using WiFi. We have a combination of inexpensive hardware reference designs, software libraries and the cloud software that are needed to connect smartphone or Web apps to products. Cometa is derived from the software we have designed originally for our own products and for real needs.

We have created and helped other companies in bringing connected products into the market. Since our inception we have pioneered WiFi products to save save electricity by using simple automation and by providing visual feedback in real-time about use and cost of electricity.

Founded in 2008 and based in Palo Alto, California, Visible Energy distinguishes itself from other companies with its many years of technology development and connected products development experience.


Software is licensed for on-premise installation on Linux OS
One year free license for startups


  • Call
  • 1 incidents
  • 103 devices
  • Email support


  • Call
  • 4 incidents
  • 104 devices
  • Email support


  • Call
  • 8 incidents
  • 105 devices
  • Email support


  • Call
  • 12 incidents
  • 106 devices
  • Email support
  • Free license for startups with less than $1M in funding or revenue
  • The number of devices and license fee is intended per server
  • Memory (RAM) requirement is 16k/device
  • Multi-core and multiple CPUs supported
Contact us for trial, unrestricted devices and source code license

Our Clients

  • CloudFridge
  • Neato Robotics
  • Cloud4Wi
  • UC Davis
  • Weistech

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