Tokenized industrial assets
for the Circular Economy

Cometa is a blockchain solution to enable
the servitization business model for IoT
and industrial products.

Still at seed stage, Cometa is a proof of concept of NFTs, cryptocurrency and smart-contracts for
pay-per-use business models.


What is

Cometa is a purpose-built blockchain that blends NFTs, assets tokenization, fractional ownership and smart contracts, facilitating the servitization business model of selling services not assets.

For what assets?

Cometa is targeting IoT and industrial IoT devices such as robots and autonomous systems, as well as renewable and energy efficient systems in distributed generation, commercial heating, refrigeration, and LED lighting.

Examples of pay-per-use business models include cooling-as-a-service for air conditioning and commercial refrigeration, work produced by industrial robotic systems, illumination by commercial LED lighting, mobility by electric vehicles, energy generated by DER.

How is it relevant to
the Circular Economy?

Cometa is a digital innovation that accelerates the adoption of a circular economy by aligning incentives of all stakeholders to adopt more durable, more energy efficient and better built products, that have reusable parts, are maintainable, are saving energy and are less wasteful.

What is the value?

Pay-per-use business models for industrial and commercial devices provide incentives and motivation for manufacturers to design and make more durable products that are easy to maintain, are energy and have a longer life, with components that are easy to recycle and spare parts promptly available.

From the user side, there are advantages in adopting newer and more energy efficient products that have lower costs to adoption.

is a game changer

How does it work?

Every device is tokenized as an NFT in the blockchain and usage is tracked in the NFT by firmware in the secure hardware module of the product that measures performance, and with dedicated blockchain transactions sent by the hardware module to the blockchain at regular intervals.

For device with energy as unit of consumption, an oracle brings into the blockchain readings from smart-meters.

Pay-per-use service contracts in Cometa are based on the ability to measure and track product performance and are implemented as software in the blockchain which provides the decentralized, scalable, and secure infrastructure for trustless interactions.
As a result of acquired product performance, the service contract automatically performs all the payments in the blockchain automatically and in a transparent, secure way.

Main Features

Cosmos SDK
Scalable and


The COMETA token Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will be at a date to be decided. The token is the blockchain governance token, staked by validators to secure the network.
In the Proof of Concept the COMETA token it is used as cryptocurrency for payments and it will be replaced by a stable coin such as USDC in the Cosmos Ecosystem.


We have big plans for the future of Cometa.
The project is still experimental and more details will be announced.
Launch of the project
Blockchain device module implementation
PoC demonstration
Devnet deployment
Further steps to be announced
Further steps to be decided<

Meet Our Team

Marco Graziano

Software Architecture

Tim Jin

Blockchain Engineer

James Smith

Firmware Engineer

So Mei Amy Lam

Front-end Developer